How use our sure odds betting tips system?

This tutorial will be a simple explanation how works this system and how to place a first wining bet.

1. The first gold sport betting rule:

Firstly, if you are expecting to be rich over night, you definitely got a wrong start. As you can see on our main page, we already told you that sure tips does not exist. Search on Google the term football sure tips and what you will find? Thousands of scam sites who sell sure tips and show you only fake past predictions data.

Our system is different you will able to see all sure odds tips for today, tomorrow and next days (VIP account). You will never lose but do not expect to invest €10 and after night get €1000. If you want a miracle choose the risky way and place accumulator bet tips using a true football prediction site.

2. Place a 100% sure bet using our system:

All things here are based on odds comparison system and mathematical calculations, we harvest every day best odds form most reliable online bookmakers and find sure bets. You will never see a sure bet form only one bookmaker but exist differences between odds provided by various bookies an we can play with them.
If you look on every match displayed you will see a column named eScore (earnings score) and represent your minim earning percent that you'll get.

Lets get an example and make some simple calculations (we choose a random data from our table Nacional vs Fenix)
sure odds example

  • Calculate our investments (the total sum of money for this match):

    We choose a simple way sum all odds: 2.42 + 3.50 + 4.65 = 10.57

  • Place 3 different right bets and the right money on 1,X,2 like this:
    a. For winning home team (1): €4.65 x 2.42 = €11,25
    b. For a draw match (X): €3.50 x 3.50 = €12.25
    c. For winning away team (2): €2.42 x 4.65 = €11,25
  • Calculate our total betting profit (we are not interested of any match result):
    Minim profit: €11,25 - €10.57 = €0.68
    Maxim profit: €12.25 - €10.57 = €1.68

3. The big philosophy of this tutorial:

As you can see above you invest €10 and you get a 100% positive profit. In worst case you get €0.68 profit in best case €1.68. If you invest €100 of course you'll win €6 or €16. You don't lose any money you will have in account or €106 or €116.

On you first bet you cover 1 month subscription on this site in the worst case. If you place 10 bets in this way, in one day you will double your investments without any risk. You can stay 2 hours to place the right bets on right bookmakers and go to vacation, look on movies, make a trip or whatever..., you are already happy because you know that you will be always a winner.